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Testing ground

Pros and cons of participating in clinical trials for MS research

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Study: Nearly 1 million people live with MS in U.S.

More than twice the previous estimate

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A big part of the MS puzzle

Barancik Prize winner studies link between brain, immune system and the blood-brain barrier.

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Participants in Bike MS event

Miles to go

Cyclists discover hidden strengths in Bike MS ride.

Finding neuro

How to develop a positive relationship with your neurologist

J.R. Hardenburgh (left) and Nick Bryan-Brown sail into the wind during the U.S. Parasailing Championship on Narragansett Bay in Newport, Rhode Island. Newport Bridge is in the background.

Into the wind

Sailors with MS challenge themselves and others.

Letter from CEO

Pathways to a cure

Cyndi Zagieboylo on how the word “cure” means different things to different people living with MS.

Carol Huebner was not only a dedicated English tutor to Chinese students but also a great friend to them

Tell me something interesting

My wife was a courageous and curious world traveler.

Understanding through images

Illustrating life with MS

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