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Existing medication offers new hope

Winter 2013-2014

Society seizes opportunities to advance solutions for progressive MS.

Illustration of a figure navigating a map to find MS medications.

The medication map

Winter 2013-2014

It’s important to weigh several factors when deciding which disease-modifying medication to take for your MS.

Icons of three types of medications: injection, infusion and oral.

10 disease-modifying treatment options

Winter 2013-2014

People with MS have more medication options than ever before. Finding the right one is an individual journey.

Images of healthy food options, such as fruits and nuts.

9 ways to have a nutritious holiday

Winter 2013-2014

The holidays can be a particularly treacherous time when trying to eat well. Here are tips for making better food choices.

Candied nuts

Winter 2013-2014

Nutritious and fun recipe for the holidays or anytime.

A bare foot.

If the shoe fits

Winter 2013-2014

For people with MS, balance and stability can be a challenge. Find the right shoes and footwear to help improve your stability and walking.

A comfortable walking shoe.

No glass slippers: What to look for in footwear

Winter 2013-2014

Features such as a low heel, broad base and extra depth can make a difference in your stability.

A lifetime commitment: honoring volunteers

Winter 2013-2014

The National MS Society honored volunteers Dr. Victor M. Rivera, Richard Hausman and Yolanda Treiguts with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The shifting tides of moods in MS

Winter 2013-2014

MS symptoms aren’t just physical; emotional changes are common, too. Learn how to manage when moods strike.

Danielle Furey running in the Sahara Desert.

Race to join the movement

Winter 2013-2014

Finish MS lets competitors in any endurance event raise funds for Society programs and research.