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Studies to stop MS, restore function and end MS forever.

A gut reaction to MS

Winter 2013-2014

Find out how scientists are exploring possible links between the gut, the immune system and MS.

Barancik Prize winner aims for myelin repair

Winter 2013-2014

Dr. Jonah Chan develops method for rapidly testing thousands of existing drugs. Dr. Chan’s revolutionary research stood out among the work of 26 other nominees for the National MS Society’s inaugural Barancik Prize for Innovation in Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Understanding group disability insurance

Winter 2013-2014

People with multiple sclerosis may need to leave the work force early due to disability. Learn how an employer’s long-term disability plan may help provide financial support.

No limits

Winter 2013-2014

Beginning Jan. 1, 2014, key provisions of the Affordable Care Act become effective, and limits on health care for those with pre-existing conditions will end.

On the frontier: Protect, repair and restore

Winter 2013-2014

A new Society webcast reports on the latest findings in a promising area of MS research, and what they might mean for people living with the disease.

Dr. Seth Rogan, MS Activist

Turning adversity into advocacy

Winter 2013-2014

Dr. Seth Morgan, a retired physician with MS, uses his time and talents to help others—and himself.

Dating Wheel of Fortune

Dating with MS

Winter 2013-2014

Dating after divorce is hard enough. MS adds a whole new element to it.

Cane with spring butterfly pattern

Self-portrait with cane

Winter 2013-2014

While a cane may not be everyone’s ideal fashion accessory, one woman living with MS finds that the attitude she brings to it can make a big difference.

Couple delivers a ‘counter punch’ to MS

Winter 2013-2014

A couple living with MS finds a way to combine their passion for California wine with their growing mission to give something back to the MS movement.

Chuck Kimmerle's haunting photo of a barren windbreak of trees in winter.

The courage to create

Winter 2013-2014

Landscape photographer Chuck Kimmerle, diagnosed with MS in 2006, says photographing landscapes is his therapy.