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The latest news and insights on MS.

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It’s open enrollment season

Winter 2014–15

Open enrollment is the time each year when individuals can elect to sign up for or change health insurance plans. The open enrollment “season” is a great time to assess your current medical needs and whether your plan still meets those needs.

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Winter 2014–15

Readers sound off on medical marijuana, Jack Osbourne and living with MS.

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Beat the winter blahs

Winter 2014–15

Winter can brew up a “perfect storm” for the blues. For people with MS, the demands of the season may feel even more intense when compounded by disease-related symptoms such as fatigue and depression. Here are some tips to beat the winter blues.

Society telelearning program debuts

Winter 2014–15

The Society’s telelearning series provides information and guidance on current matters essential to living one’s best life with MS. The program offers seven different topics annually. Each free telelearning will feature topic-area expert(s) by phone with online presentations and Q&A session. Presenters are subject to change.

FDA approves new disease-modifying therapy

Winter 2014–15

Plegridy (peginterferon beta-1a, manufactured by Biogen Idec) is the newest disease-modifying therapy, or DMT, to be approved by the Food & Drug Administration for relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. This makes it the 11th DMT now available to people living with MS.

Maximizing wellness this winter—and beyond

Winter 2014–15

Let’s start a dialogue about how you pursue wellness—and how we can support you.

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‘Tis the season for holiday travel

Winter 2014-15

Holiday travel doesn’t have to make you say bah, humbug. Here are some tips for happy travels.

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Organize your medical records

Winter 2014-15

Experts offer tips and tricks for organizing medical information—whether you prefer digital or paper systems.

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Support for veterans with MS

Winter 2014–15

The Department of Veterans Affairs is working to improve care for veterans with MS—who number at least 30,000 nationwide.

Ready, set, snow!

Winter 2014-15

Adaptations can make winter sports possible— and the whole season more fun—for people with MS.