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Daily strategies for living well with MS.

Bloom where you’re planted

Spring 2014

One woman with MS finds that connecting with her fellow residents at an assisted living facility helps her adjust to her “new normal.”

Carin Snell at Walk MS.

A step forward

Spring 2014

Walk MS participants forge lifelong connections that make a difference in the effort to create a world free of multiple sclerosis.

Woman juggles finding peace while caring for her husband with MS.

The still spot

Spring 2014

Judy Stegman shares how she finds a moment of peace while meeting the demands of caring for her husband, who lives with MS.

Joan Seliger Sidney


Spring 2014

Poet Joan Seliger Sidney, PhD, shares the effects of hiding her MS to protect her loved ones.

Shemar Moore and Marilyn Wilson-Moore

Partners in crime

Spring 2014

Shemar Moore, from the hit series “Criminal Minds,” talks about the starring role that his mom—who lives with MS— plays in his life. Moore rode in his eighth Bike MS event in October.

A personal stamp

Spring 2014

Three generations of a family affected by MS use their passion to raise money for MS research. They adapt their methods to their life changes but still find ways to keep the flame burning.

Researchers conduct a cognitive test with a young girl with MS.

Taking off the kid gloves

Spring 2014

Researchers delve into pediatric MS with hopes that their findings will help solve the MS puzzle.

How to make connections

Spring 2014

Every voice counts. Amplify the impact of your MS advocacy by making connections with members of your community.

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Spring 2014

Readers respond to stories about moods, fashionable canes and education from recent issues of Momentum Magazine.

Pinpointing pain

Spring 2014

You’re not alone. Pain is one of the most common symptoms in multiple sclerosis. New studies are investigating why and how pain occurs as part of MS.