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The latest news and insights on MS.

More support for vitamin D

Summer 2014

A Harvard study confirms the benefits of vitamin D in people with MS.

Survey results: Emotional challenges and MS

Summer 2014

What common mood disorders have Momentum readers experienced since being diagnosed? Find out the results of a recent survey.

A ‘cool’ product guide

Summer 2014

Here are several product ideas to help you stay cool during your favorite activities.

Cool confections: Watermelon-mint granita recipe

Summer 2014

Try this sweet, healthy treat to cool off in the heat of summer. Follow this recipe to make watermelon-mint granitas.

Summer slumber

Summer 2014

Heat often makes it harder for people with MS to sleep in the summer. Learn more about getting quality sleep when the weather warms up.

Passing the baton

Summer 2014

Relays give the MS cause greater reach not only by allowing more athletes to fundraise but also by deploying them across greater distances.

Normal nerve cell and nerve cell affected by MS

Jumpstarting myelin repair

Summer 2014

Researchers are developing new understanding of what causes the cells that produce and repair myelin to succeed or fail.

Gary Anzovino, exercising to improve his cognition

Conditioning for cognition

Summer 2014

Can physical exercise improve cognition in people with MS? New studies examine the benefits of physical exercise on the cognitive abilities of people with MS.

Man of steel: An MS hero

Summer 2014

Most people aren’t aware of the sheer struggle it takes day in and day out to live with MS. One carepartner thinks it’s time we change that.

Beautiful brain

Summer 2014

See the work of artist Elizabeth Jameson, who reinterprets brain scans and uses art to convey her emotions and feelings about her MS.