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Daily strategies for living well with MS.

Couple holding hands

Becoming carepartners

Fall 2014

It’s not easy being in a relationship when MS is in the picture. Find out how some couples make it work.

James Speegle, seated with a wood walking stick he carved, enjoys his log cabin. At the encouragement of his partner, Suzanne, he painted the door to resemble a fireplace.

Lessons of life—and MS—passed from father to son

Fall 2014

In building a log lodge, I connected with my dad, who also lived with MS.

Think outside the product box

Fall 2014

One woman takes a humorous look at how people with MS can overcome the challenge of buying products originally intended for someone much older.

Jack Osbourne: MS is the new reality

Fall 2014

Meet Jack Osbourne, reality star, son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and a young man living with MS.

Rolling with MS

Fall 2014

A roller derby group called Sk8 the State for MS brings a certain ferocity—and an unwillingness to give up helping end MS—to its annual fundraiser.

On the trail for the trigger

Fall 2014

Much research has focused on the possibility that unknown infectious agents such as viruses or bacteria might trigger the disease, though MS is not believed to be contagious.

Clinical trial participants push progress forward

Fall 2014

Participating in a clinical trial offers a possible chance to benefit from a new treatment as well as contribute to the body of knowledge about MS.

Medical marijuana: hype or hope?

Fall 2014

Medical marijuana has been both lauded and loathed. Learn more about what the MS community has to say about using the herb and its extracts to treat certain symptoms of the disease.

Thinking about trying medical marijuana?

Fall 2014

You questions on medical marijuana answered.

A healthcare professional helping a patient.

Advocates on your side

Fall 2014

A range of resources can help people with MS sort through the ever-changing world of treatment options and insurance claims.