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Daily strategies for living well with MS.

Making employment decisions

Spring 2015

Be your own boss when it comes to making work decisions related to your MS.

Creating community

Spring 2015

Walk MS is a testament to the power of community.

Get social

Spring 2015

Looking for connections? Consider social media, which offers a way to talk to and learn from others with MS.

Falling with grace

Spring 2015

This wasn’t the first time—or the last—that MS would cause a fall. But would it cause a fall from grace?

Anna Whetstone at Muckfest.

Society Scholars: Where are they now?

Spring 2015

National Multiple Sclerosis Society scholarships have a lasting impact on the MS community.

Progressive MS research sees funding boost

Spring 2015

Learn about three of the 22 studies that were awarded grants to research progressive MS.

Steps toward mindfulness

Spring 2015

Breathe in, breathe out. Focus on the present, and suspend judgment. That’s one woman’s method for taming anxiety.

Taking the first step

Spring 2015

Walk MS provides connection as well as fuel for the movement.