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The latest news and insights on MS.

Sharing health information may yield solutions for MS

Summer 2015

With health information from thousands of people living with MS, researchers may be able to develop new insights about the causes of and treatments for the disease.

Bruce Reid riding his bike.

50 states of Bike MS

Summer 2015

Bruce Reid first rode in Bike MS for the athletic challenge it offered. But then he discovered a much more powerful reason to keep going.

Bowel issues? Help is here!

Summer 2015

Learn about the treatments and lifestyle changes that can reduce bowel problems.

David Osmond playing guitar.

The power of song

Summer 2015

David Osmond’s music sounds the right note for many people living with MS.

Social season

Summer 2015

Even though summer heat can be oppressive, the season does not have stifle your social life. Here are ways to stay connected.

Are you getting quality sleep?

Summer 2015

Identifying and treating sleep disorders may alleviate MS-related fatigue and improve quality of life. Learn about the latest research focusing on the link between MS and sleep disorders.

Bringing exercise home

Summer 2015

Think you can’t exercise because of MS-related fatigue or mobility problems, or perhaps transportation challenges? Consider a home-based fitness program.

Society invests $28 million in new research

Summer 2015

Learn about the latest projects being supported by Society funding.

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Summer 2015

Readers sound off on bladder issues, service animals, yoga and more!

Hack your kitchen

Summer 2015

Learn about inexpensive kitchen modifications for a range of MS symptoms.