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Your MS, your body.

Appointment checkup

Summer 2015

Get the most from your next visit—even when the clock is ticking.

The changing landscape of life insurance

Summer 2015

The road is much smoother than in years past for people with MS.

Lydiaemily, street artist with MS

Street artist takes on MS

Summer 2015

With a bit of grit and determination—as well as paint and sparkly shoelaces—street artist Lydia Emily keeps life with MS real.

Ofer Agam skydiving

Making the jump

Summer 2015

A parachute offers freedom; but courage comes from the heart.

Instructor shows class how to do an arm strengh exercise while in a sit-up position.

Making exercise accessible

Summer 2015

Can people with MS who work out at home stay motivated—and get fit?

Bringing wellness into focus

Summer 2015

Through research, programs and services, and advocacy, the Society is renewing its focus to help people with MS maximize wellness.