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Your MS, your body.

Collage showing time passing and aging.

Aging with MS

Fall 2015

Learn whether your changing symptoms are the result of MS progression or aging.

Circle of support

Fall 2015

People with MS can benefit from a network of support. Learn how to overcome the risk of burning out a pool of just a few carepartners, friends and family members.

The ‘Roar’ of defeating MS

Fall 2015

Kids create their own fundraising version of Katy Perry’s music video, “Roar.”

When it’s something else

Fall 2015

Other conditions can have remarkably similar symptoms to MS. Don’t mistake these conditions with aging and/or MS progression.

What do working women with MS want?

Fall 2015

A new report points to the challenges that working women with MS face at their jobs, and factors that can help them manage their disease and perform at their best.

Finding biomarkers of MS

Fall 2015

Cutting-edge research looks for telltale substances that can provide a wealth of information for diagnosis and treatment of MS.

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Fall 2015

Readers sound off on exercising, bowel issues, Bike MS and more.

Should you get a flu shot?

Fall 2015

The pros and cons of getting a flu shot, explained.

Hard to swallow

Fall 2015

Swallowing problems can occur as part of MS, but a range of treatments can restore dignity and pleasure to mealtime.

Modeling the future

Fall 2015

A man with MS models an ideal, accessible city out of Lego bricks as a way of expressing himself and advocating for people with MS and disabilities.