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Panelle dish plated

Panelle with zucchini and corn salsa

Winter 2015-16

Learn how to make these delicious hors d’oeuvres served at a recent Golden Circle event featuring Mario Batali.

Pain, pain go away

Winter 2015-16

Pain relief is here.

Warm up to winter

Winter 2015-16

Does cold worsen MS symptoms?

Julie Gains, Susie Gaines, Mario Batali and David Lenovitz

Dishing on food, friends and family

Winter 2015-16

Celebrity chef Mario Batali and MS researchers dish on the role of food.

Recognizing a relapse

Winter 2015-16

Identifying an exacerbation needn’t be exasperating.

Dr. Philip De Jager writes on a white board.

The NOW MS Research campaign makes history as it nears its goal

Winter 2015-16

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s groundbreaking $250 million No Opportunity Wasted (NOW) campaign has launched more MS research and has driven more progress toward finding solutions for the disease than has occurred at any other time in the Society’s history.

End of a long wait

Winter 2015-16

As of June, a generic version of Copaxone is available for people with MS.

Mingle all the way?

Winter 2015-16

Parties don’t have to leave you pooped.

Career decisions

Winter 2015-16

Knowing when—and how—to stop working can create better balance.

Deborah Nowlin-Keith, center, rides in the Cowboy Capital MS Trail Ride each year on her mule, IdaMay.

Trail blazers

Winter 2015-16

These fundraisers aren’t horsing around.