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Your MS, your body.

What exactly does a healthy diet look like?

Fall 2018

Learn what—and how much—to eat, as well as what foods to avoid.

Bringing you the resources you need

Fall 2018

Find support on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s website.

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Fall 2018

Readers sound off on what an MS cure means to them, stress and other symptoms.

scale with apple and hamburger

Weighing a healthy diet

Fall 2018

Eating well could be a big step toward feeling well.

Donna Rice

MS fatigue

Fall 2018

It’s the most common symptom of the disease, but there are ways to manage it.

Garvis Leak

At the front

Fall 2018

60,000 U.S. military veterans live with MS.

Robert Paskus

Focus on fatigue

Fall 2018

Research studies are targeting the most common MS symptom.


Eating habits

Fall 2018

Scientists are exploring how specific foods and diets affect MS.

Illustration by Roy Scott

Power of connection

Fall 2018

Support groups offer a sense of community for people with MS.

Photos courtesy of Linda S. Bridges

Just keep going

Fall 2018

It’s not always easy, but I’m grateful for everything I can do.