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Jon and Jeanne Strum

Look who’s joined the movement: Jon Strum

December 2019

Jon Strum started an MS podcast after his wife, Jeanne, was diagnosed.

Finding the right balance

Winter 2019–20

We want to be YOUR National MS Society, no matter your age.

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Winter 2019–20

Readers sound off on artistic expression, exercise and mobility aids.

Ardra Shephard

On the go

Winter 2019–20

While you will almost always find a half-eaten candy cane and some gently used Kleenex floating around my winter bag, these are the essentials I’m always packing for the season.

Moving to Medicare

Winter 2019–20

The switch from private insurance can be a shock for people who find they have to pay more for their MS medication.

Connected to care

Winter 2019–20

New estimates of 1 million people living with MS in the U.S. could increase awareness, treatment and services.

Christopher Rodney

Conquering the cold

Winter 2019–2020

From ultra-portable wheelchairs to robotic exoskeletons, tomorrow’s high-tech assistive devices are here today.

Dr. Anne Cross

Breakthroughs in B cells

Winter 2019–20

Dr. Anne H. Cross receives Dystel Prize for advancing MS research.

Repair and restore

Winter 2019–20

Researchers study ways to reduce neurological symptoms of MS.

Jon Strum

Unofficial channels

Winter 2019–20

People with MS are discovering worlds of ways to connect with each other— from podcasts to blogs.