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The latest news and insights on MS.

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Spring 2019

Readers sound off on running marathons, finding the right medication and supporting MS warriors.

Bringing more people into the MS movement

Spring 2019

Connecting with their National MS Society helps people live better lives.


It’s your community, too

Spring 2019

People with disabilities encounter obstacles and opportunities in the cities where they live.


The hidden symptom

Spring 2019

Depression strikes 1 in 2 people with MS, and it can be difficult to recognize. But there are ways to cope.

Coming to America

Spring 2019

People with MS who immigrate to the United States encounter new experiences surrounding their disease.

Illustration by Roy Scott

A closer look at cognition

Spring 2019

Cognitive function screening can identify problems and help improve treatment for people with MS.

immune cells

New takes on immune activity in MS

Spring 2019

Studies could advance treatment options.

Finding a caregiver

Spring 2019

What to look for when hiring someone to help.

Nichole Taylor fights MS her way

Spring 2019

A 500-mile walk to give back to the community.

Wendy and husband

The meat of the matter

Spring 2019

What started as a backyard kegger has grown into a major MS fundraiser and bicycle program.