Your MS, your body.

Illustration by Dave Cutler

The many dimensions of wellness

Spring 2017

Learn strategies to maximize wellness for your whole self.

After she developed a pressure sore, Jennifer Digmann’s insurance paid for an individually configured wheelchair with accessories such as tilt-in-space power seating. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Digmann

Pressure sores

Spring 2017

Take the pressure off.

Jennifer, diagnosed in 2000, participates in physical therapy (PT). Stretching to lengthen the muscles is a key part of PT for spasticity. Photo courtesy of the National MS Society

Controlling spasticity

Winter 2016–17

Ease muscle and joint pain with spasticity treatments.

Jennifer, diagnosed in 2000. Photo courtesy of the National MS Society

Meet your therapy team

Winter 2016–17

Find the right rehab professional for your needs.

A pregnant Rebecca Kuchar with her daughter. Now that her second child has been born, Kuchar chooses to exclusively breastfeed to lower her chances of a postpartum relapse. Photo courtesy of the National MS Society

Pregnancy and MS

Fall 2016

Choosing to have a child.

Sarah and Steve Zoric practice ballroom dancing at the Arthur Murray studio in Montclair, New Jersey. Sarah, who lives with MS, enjoys the mental stimulation of dancing. Photo by Dave Moser

A chance to dance

Fall 2016

We don’t know about you, but we feel better when we’re dancin’…

Jill Walsh competed in the UCI Para-Cycling Road World Championship in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2014. Photo courtesy of Jill Walsh

Defeating foot drop

Fall 2016

You don’t have to stand still for foot drop.

William, diagnosed in 2002. Photo courtesy of the National MS Society

Taking the next step

Summer 2016

Make your move to a mobility device.


Speak for yourself

Summer 2016

Communicate more clearly with speech and language help.

Conceptual drawing of man balancing many medical demands.

Coping with dual diagnoses

Spring 2016

How to manage when your medical plus-one is uninvited.

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