Studies to stop MS, restore function and end MS forever.

Demystifying MRIs

Summer 2016

Learn how MRIs work and what they can tell us.

Expanding our reach

Summer 2016

Three Society fellows describe their passions and their projects.

Drs. Laura Balcer, Peter Calabresi and Elliot Frohman.

Pioneers in neuro-ophthalmology

Spring 2016

An optical imaging technique may provide valuable information about MS progression and the effectiveness of treatments.

New focus on pediatric MS

Spring 2016

More information about pediatric MS leads to better school and health services for children with the disease.

Dr. Philip De Jager writes on a white board.

The NOW MS Research campaign makes history as it nears its goal

Winter 2015-16

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s groundbreaking $250 million No Opportunity Wasted (NOW) campaign has launched more MS research and has driven more progress toward finding solutions for the disease than has occurred at any other time in the Society’s history.

Finding biomarkers of MS

Fall 2015

Cutting-edge research looks for telltale substances that can provide a wealth of information for diagnosis and treatment of MS.

Are you getting quality sleep?

Summer 2015

Identifying and treating sleep disorders may alleviate MS-related fatigue and improve quality of life. Learn about the latest research focusing on the link between MS and sleep disorders.

Instructor shows class how to do an arm strengh exercise while in a sit-up position.

Making exercise accessible

Summer 2015

Can people with MS who work out at home stay motivated—and get fit?

A genetic sleuth: Dr. Philip De Jager

Spring 2015

A prize-winning researcher is looking for signs of disease before it develops.

Progressive MS research sees funding boost

Spring 2015

Learn about three of the 22 studies that were awarded grants to research progressive MS.

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