Studies to stop MS, restore function and end MS forever.

Gut bacteria may play a role in MS

Summer 2017

Time for a gut check.

Predicting MS progression

Spring 2017

Biomarkers may yield information about progression.

Researchers get closer to myelin repair

Spring 2017

Trials examine improvements in optic nerve signals and functional abilities.

Stem cells: What we know

Winter 2016–17

Your questions on stem cell treatments answered.

Do lifestyle choices affect MS?

Fall 2016

There are several lifestyle changes individuals can make to lessen the risk of progression.

Forging new pathways in the brain

Fall 2016

Teach your brain new tricks.

Demystifying MRIs

Summer 2016

Learn how MRIs work and what they can tell us.

Expanding our reach

Summer 2016

Three Society fellows describe their passions and their projects.

Drs. Laura Balcer, Peter Calabresi and Elliot Frohman.

Pioneers in neuro-ophthalmology

Spring 2016

An optical imaging technique may provide valuable information about MS progression and the effectiveness of treatments.

New focus on pediatric MS

Spring 2016

More information about pediatric MS leads to better school and health services for children with the disease.

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