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[VIDEO] Shemar Moore rides in Bike MS

Watch Shemar Moore ride in Bike MS —and talk about why he does it.

Horse sense

Spring 2014

Learn how horses are trained to assist people with MS to improve balance, strength and flexibility.

Existing medication offers new hope

Winter 2013-2014

Society seizes opportunities to advance solutions for progressive MS.

Two women exercising in water.

Join the ‘get wet’ set

Fall 2013

Learn simple water movements and build up to a full water workout.


New heights for progressive MS research

Fall 2013

Why do some people experience aggressive worsening of their multiple sclerosis and others experience a mild course? The Serial Unified Multicenter MS InvesTigation investigates.

Edna B. Fashions

Dressing with finesse

Fall 2013

New styles and innovations make it easier for people with MS to find clothing that suits their abilities and their sense of style.

Do It Yourself fundraising tips from the Haunted Garage

Fall 2013

A couple share tips on raising funds and awareness for MS.

Woman holding a bag of groceries

Resources for caregivers with MS

Fall 2013

While resources that are specific to caregivers with MS don’t exist—yet—the following are helpful for general information and resources related to caregiving.

Image of cell phones and tablets

4 networking apps to try

Fall 2013

Learn how to network effectively and efficiently.

Salmon burger

Recipe: Salmon burgers with quinoa flakes

Fall 2013

Check out this healthy and unique take on a burger.

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