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Do It Yourself fundraising tips from the Haunted Garage

by Vicky Uhland

Charline Werts and Keith Allen have turned their Haunted Garage  into a Do It Yourself fundraiser for the National MS Society. Here’s how you can get involved in raising MS awareness in your community:

Instead of paying to advertise your event, build relationships with local media to get stories and public-service announcements donated. You can also use social media to get the word out—Haunted Garage has a Facebook page. Go to facebook.com and search for “The Haunted Garage” to check it out. (See entry for Tipp City, Ohio.)

  • Hand out fliers and ask groups such as churches, youth soccer clubs, and Boy and Girl Scouts to encourage their members (and families) to attend.
  • If you’re hosting a fundraiser in your house or yard, make sure your neighbors know. Rope off your property so they don’t have to deal with trespassers, and have a plan for parking. Werts and Allen recruit a friend to direct cars to parking spaces in their front yard and driveway. It’s also a good idea to check if you need special permits from the city or extra insurance for your fundraiser.

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Vicky Uhland is a freelance writer and editor in Lafayette, Colo.
Fall 2013
Get more fundraising tips at the National MS Society’s DIY fundraising site.
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