Summer guide to managing heat and MS

Summer is just around the corner, but this collection of articles can help you manage the hot days ahead, with tips and ideas for cooling off, getting nutritious no-cook meals on the table, staying active, getting a good night’s sleep and more.

  Beating the heat

Sweltering temperatures can make MS symptoms worse. Give them the cold shoulder with these sizzling ideas.


Keep moving

Learn how you can adjust the activities you love to do in the summer to your health and wellness needs.


chillngInserts_fmtA cool product guide

Here are several product ideas to help you stay cool during your favorite activities.


NMS-006_ac_fmtBlowing hot and cold

Some public utilities commission offer medical exemptions for those whose health conditions require higher power consumption. Learn what states are doing to help people save on utilities and beat the heat this summer.


toohottocook_fmtToo hot to cook?

Dealing with MS during the dog days of summer can make preparing even the simplest meals feel daunting. A nutritionist offers healthy, cooling recipes for the hottest days.


104303537_fmtSummer slumber

Heat often makes it harder for people with MS to sleep in the summer. Learn more about getting quality sleep when the weather warms up.

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