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As a lettering artist, Alanna Flowers illustrates words and quotes, hoping to infuse meaning into them beyond the words themselves.

Beyond the words

My father lived with MS. His creativity inspired my own.

By Alanna Flowers

Alanna Flowers

I created this piece in honor of my late father, Robin Flowers, who lived with multiple sclerosis for many years. Throughout his life, he had many creative talents. He wrote stories, he journaled and he was often making someone laugh. His love for writing and his way with words might have something to do with how I ended up illustrating words for a living.

As a lettering artist, I illustrate words and quotes in a way that makes them communicate beyond the words themselves. I’m often inspired by things that allow me to infuse positivity and encouragement into my work. For this piece, I chose to illustrate a quote by Morgan Harper Nichols because I believe it exemplifies the power of storytelling.

Illustration by Alanna Flowers

Alanna Flowers created this piece in honor of her father, Robin, who lived with MS and had a passion for writing and other creative endeavors. Illustration by Alanna Flowers

Sharing stories creates community. Where there’s a community, there’s strength. That’s why it’s important that we share our experiences, especially as we face hardships. What mountains have you climbed? I want this piece to be a reminder that your stories are a light for others as they climb their own mountains.

My hope is to become a prominent voice in the spaces I occupy so that other creatives who look like me can feel uplifted and inspired.

Alanna Flowers is a freelance lettering artist and illustrator in Brooklyn, New York, where she operates her business, AGF Design Studio.
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