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The Best of Walk MS 2021

By The National MS Society
June 25, 2021

Coming off the heels of one of the most challenging and unforgettable years, Walk MS 2021 proved nothing will stop the MS community from moving closer to a cure. We saw people come together in new and exciting ways to show the world that together, we are stronger than this disease.

To celebrate the best of our walkers, we perused social media to round up some of the most fun, moving and creative ways they kept us moving forward!

(Editor’s Note: quotes have been edited for length and clarity)

Most Personalized Route

@kellybroel / via Instagram.com

“I walked (and sometimes jogged) five miles in honor of the past five years and how far I’ve come. What an amazing feeling to be able to move my body the way I did today when five years ago I was struggling to put one foot in front of the other.” – @kellybroe

Best Team Photo

Coach Mac’s Squad – Walk MS: Raleigh / via Facebook.com

Best Hairdo

Brian L. / via Facebook.com

Tastiest Treat

@walk_ms / via Instagram.com

“I had custom cookies made and raffled them off.” – Kim, Walk MS Team Captain

Best Tutu Outfit

@francofunny / via Instagram.com

“Walk MS [is] usually a crowded event, but today, it’s me in a tutu, walking the dogs through my neighborhood! Where there’s a will…” – @francofunny

Best Feline Route Companion

Team Heather’s Heroes / via Facebook.com

Most Excited Dog

@walk_ms / via Instagram.com

Most Scenic Route

@tonda_walks_alot / via Instagram.com

“Walk MS is a little different than it has been in previous years, but it is just as important to me as it’s always been.” – @tonda_walks_alot

Best Shoe Showcase

Team Jackie NWI –Walk MS: Highland / via Facebook.com

Best Virtual Get-Together

@this_is_msme / via Instagram.com

“We participated in Walk MS: El Paso this year by doing some Fitness Zumba! Thanks to all who participated and have donated to my team, Sun City MSing Around. Together we are stronger!” – @this_is_msme

Most Interesting Theme

MS Rebels – Walk MS: South Sound / via Facebook.com

The National MS Society

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