Daily strategies for living well with MS.

Ardra Shephard

Awesome aliases

Why did Ardra Shephard name her mobility device?

Randy Huling illustration

Fragments from my brain

Randy J. Huling’s MS gave him even more reason to draw and create.

Moving forward with MS symptoms

You can improve your health by taking simple steps.

Making the team

Managing your MS symptoms takes an entire team of medical professionals.

Living well with MS isn’t a stretch

Physical and mental wellness practices are important.

smart wheelchair

Dream machines

From ultra-portable wheelchairs to robotic exoskeletons, tomorrow’s high-tech assistive devices are here today.

Doug Roderus

Growing up fast

Teens with MS face a unique set of challenges.

Woody family

Going the extra mile

Being the primary support for a person living with MS can be overwhelming. But help… Read More

Nicole Bradley-Bernard

Four things I wish someone had told me after my MS diagnosis

I learned some valuable lessons on the path to my new reality.

photo of a lake

A link to memories long forgotten

Uncovering what’s been missing

Atiba Blalark

Does this taste weird to you?

If flavor doesn’t deliver, there are ways to wake up your taste buds.

Dee DiFatta in wheelchair with rainbow cape flying behind her

Finding gratitude

Despite the challenges of MS, there are ways to be thankful.

Kate Perkins walks her dog in the woods

Good companions

From pigs to parrots, pets can enrich the lives of people living with MS.

Andrew Forsdick with arms crossed in front of trees

You are what you think

Manage stress with positive self-talk.

paper and pen on a wooden background

Blessings in miles and meters

The support of my family and friends keeps me going.

Sarah Judson stands with her creations

Inspiration through art

My MS journey led me to my passion.