Your MS, your body.


When it’s something else

Other conditions can have remarkably similar symptoms to MS. Don’t mistake these conditions with aging… Read More

Should you get a flu shot?

The pros and cons of getting a flu shot, explained.

Hard to swallow

Swallowing problems can occur as part of MS, but a range of treatments can restore… Read More

Conceptual illustration of a patient choosing his own path.

When doctors move on

What to consider if your doctor moves across town—or farther.

Bowel issues? Help is here!

Learn about the treatments and lifestyle changes that can reduce bowel problems.

Bringing exercise home

Think you can’t exercise because of MS-related fatigue or mobility problems, or perhaps transportation challenges?… Read More

Appointment checkup

Get the most from your next visit—even when the clock is ticking.

Yes, you can regain bladder control

Bladder problems affect most people with MS, but you don’t have to just live with… Read More

Lifestyle coping strategies

In this supplementary story to “Yes, you can regain bladder control,” learn eight tips to… Read More

On point

Some people with MS are finding acupuncture a helpful complementary therapy.

senior woman holding red heart shape with syringe and showing her arm with bandage after got vaccinated or inoculation due to spread of corona virus, population, social or herd immunity concept

5 things to know about the flu vaccine and MS

Getting vaccinated to prevent harmful infections is a fundamental part of medical care for people… Read More

Destination: Accessibility

For people with MS, accessible transportation is vital — and often elusive.

Medical illustrations for all

Meet the medical student tackling representation, one illustration at a time.

Control your bladder, control your life

Treatment for bladder issues can help people with MS take back their freedom.

Feeling SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder can present a unique set of challenges in people with MS. But… Read More

Worldwide influence

Dystel prize winner is the driving force behind a renowned center dedicated to MS research,… Read More