Your MS, your body.


Control your bladder, control your life

Treatment for bladder issues can help people with MS take back their freedom.

Feeling SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder can present a unique set of challenges in people with MS. But… Read More

aHSCT: A promising treatment

Here’s what you need to know about aHSCT and how to decide whether it’s right… Read More

Black man getting acupuncture

Ancient alternative

Acupuncture might be a helpful treatment for MS symptoms.

older white woman asleep in bed

Dream on: Managing sleep disorders

At least half of people with MS have sleep disorders. Here’s how to catch more… Read More

MS symptoms from A to Z

A list of common issues and ways to manage them

Senior Man Walking With Pet Bulldog In Countryside

Mind over muscle

Tips to help manage spasms and stiffness

Knowing your own mind

How to distinguish multiple sclerosis cognitive issues from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Boost your eye-Q

Most people with multiple sclerosis experience vision problems. Here are ways to help protect your… Read More

7 steps to lower your risk of dementia

These health and wellness steps can help improve cognition and reduce the chances of developing… Read More

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Readers praise Momentum stories about the beating summer heat and other topics.

Society scholarships keep giving

Megan Lafferty, who credits her experience with MS healthcare for her ambition to become a… Read More

Hormones and gender under the microscope

At a recent conference of the American Academy of Neurology, studies examining the effects of… Read More

Everyday Matters program makes a positive difference

Participants in the National MS Society’s Everyday Matters program report a range of benefits in… Read More

A bounty of knowledge

Thanks to many survey responses, in-depth interviews and conversations, we now have a deeper and… Read More

Dr. Barry Arnason receives the John Dystel Prize.

Celebrating a pioneer of MS research

Dr. Barry Arnason of the University of Chicago is awarded the 2014 John Dystel Prize… Read More