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Daily strategies for living well with MS.

Chris Holland

Making life easier in the kitchen

Summer 2020

‘Chopped’ winner offers practical tips — and a recipe — for cooking with MS.

directors chair

Directing your life

Summer 2020

Wellness coaches can help people with MS get on the right track.

Dave Bexfield

Trails well-traveled

Summer 2020

MS doesn’t have to be a barrier to exploring national parks.

Minds connected

Working together

Summer 2020

Shared decision-making gives people with MS more say in their care.

Illustration by Jessie Ace

The bouncer

Summer 2020

A bar, a band and a bathroom

Steven Ricco

Music prevails

Summer 2020

Finding harmony within multiple sclerosis

Woman folding clothes

Less mess, less stress

Spring 2020

Cleaning and decluttering offer surprising benefits for people with multiple sclerosis.

Harmon Apartments

At home with MS

Spring 2020

Affordable, accessible apartments designed just for people with MS make life easier for them.

Andy Rafferty and daughters

Fulfilling the dream of family

Spring 2020

For people with MS, adoption can be the answer.

Illustration by Michael Morgenstern

Tell it like it is

Spring 2020

Practical tips for everyday living with MS

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