Daily strategies for living well with MS.


‘Glamping’ with MS

How to ‘rough it’ with MS.

Renovating your home

How you can make your house more accessible.

When men get MS

Toughing it out can make MS worse.

Owning my MS

I’ve come to terms with my MS, and now I’m ready to own this thing!

A fresh perspective

Our understanding of how MS affects the black community is evolving.

Finding love when you have MS

Learn what it takes to date with confidence.

Forging a new identity

If we aren’t being paid by an employer, we have to find new ways to… Read More

A moment in time

Photographer with MS focuses on streetscapes.

The resilience factor

Learn the resilience ‘workout.’

Holidays got you down?

Tips for making the holiday season less stressful and more joyful

Hope and blessings

My family’s journey from slavery to special assistant to the president

A safe space

People with MS find support, information and friendship in the National MS Society’s Facebook community.

Changing my life for the better

My MS diagnosis gave me the courage to take a new path.

Painting away the pain

My MS can’t silence my artistic voice.

Clarissa Hernandez-Hidalgo advocates for people of color with MS.

Obstáculos al acceso

A pesar de las barreras, las personas de color con esclerosis múltiple hablan a su… Read More