Daily strategies for living well with MS.


Switching gears

A journey from deputy sheriff to bike shop owner.

My friend Bruce

A simple carpentry lesson evolves into a lasting friendship.

American montage

Turning a love for photography into 3-D road art.

Globe trotting

With some planning, people with MS can travel anywhere in the world.

Disclosing your MS

The pros and cons of telling your family and friends.

Fighting a supervillain

A love of comic books offers surprising lessons in living with MS.

Help wanted

I’m learning to let others lend me a hand.

Form fired with meaning

Meditative sculptures include deteriorated, frayed or unplugged cords symbolizing the degenerative nature of MS.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: ‘Open, honest and real’ about MS

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‘Glamping’ with MS

How to ‘rough it’ with MS.

One important thing to manage MS

People with MS share what helps them manage their disease and live fully.

People with MS pursue various hobbies

Hobbies can be fun, fulfilling and even help people with MS manage symptoms.

Joyful moments while living with MS

People living with MS find happiness in the small things.

Living your best life with MS

Facebook users discuss the most important thing they do to manage their MS.

My MS journey isn’t all bad. Really.

I’ve gained new lifelong friends and a new appreciation for the good things.

Find your next passion

Alterations make these hobbies more manageable if you live with MS