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Facing multiple sclerosis

Raising awareness about how people of color experience MS.

People of color are taking the lead in advocating for more MS research and improvements in diagnosis and treatment. They hope that a new focus will lead to a better understanding of their MS symptoms and disease progression and begin to erase some long-standing disparities and misperceptions. 

Momentum magazine delves into MS and race in this special issue: 


Illustration of face and hand representing race and MS

Race and MS: Confronting inequities
Uncovering the gaps in MS research, diagnosis and treatment.


Jovany Hernandez

Jovany Hernandez: Sharing his MS story
Jovany Hernandez tells Momentum about his experience as a Latin American living with MS. 


Billie Walker on disclosing MS

Billie Walker: Disclosing her MS diagnosis
A woman with relapsing-remitting MS is determined to remain strong after her diagnosis.

Jenelle Montgomery

Jenelle Montgomery: Solutions for MS awareness
How a clinical pharmacist builds MS awareness for people of color. 


Antoinette Pick-Jones, Robin Carr McClure and Lawaunda Stephens

Black women with MS speak up
What is it like living with MS? Three Black women with MS offer their personal insights about healthcare.


Clarissa Hernandez-Hidalgo advocates for people of color with MS.

Obstacles to access
Despite barriers, people of color are speaking up for themselves and their communities.


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