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<strong>Patti Steelman creates stained glass mosaics as a way to manage MS stress.</strong>
Patti Steelman creates stained glass mosaics as a way to manage MS stress.

Finding a creative outlet

Stained glass mosaics help keep my MS stress at bay.

by Patti Steelman

Patti Steelman

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2008 after four years of crazy symptoms. I spent more than 20 years working in information technology, human resources and management consulting.

But after my diagnosis, I needed a creative outlet. I started learning how to create stained glass mosaics from artist Gerda Carmichael in 2011, and I still go to her studio every week. Eight of us drink wine, listen to classical music and make art.

The creation of my glass pieces helps alleviate stress, a key factor in keeping my MS at bay. Many of my pieces hang in the home I share with Jim, my husband of 32 years.

Patti Steelman and her husband, Jim, live in Birmingham, Alabama, with their two dogs. Patti enjoys reading, music, cooking, working out and volunteering She donates the proceeds from the sale of her artwork to the National MS Society.

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