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Spring break! Postcard from the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has more to see and do than you might think. Hop aboard the Grand Canyon Railway to see over 60 miles of Arizona scenery leading to Grand Canyon National Park, or rent a houseboat on one of the lakes—all have accessible options if you use a wheelchair or other mobility aid. There are also accessible trails in the canyons and along riversides and rims.

Tarita Davenock, CEO of Travel For All, suggests grabbing an America the Beautiful Access Pass, which gives a person with a disability and three companions access to the South Rim and North Rim of the Grand Canyon free of charge. She also recommends a Scenic Drive Accessibility Permit, which allows those with a disability to drive their own vehicles on roads otherwise limited to shuttle buses.

“Having MS shouldn’t stop you from enjoying some of the beauty in your part of the world,” Davenock says. “Explore confidently as you take more exciting adventures. The Grand Canyon is a fantastic, breath-taking location—perfect for the photographers out there!”

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