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<b>Cyndi Zagieboylo, President & CEO</b>
Cyndi Zagieboylo, President & CEO

Bringing you the resources you need

by Cyndi Zagieboylo

Cyndi Zagieboylo, President & CEO

How did you find the resources you needed after you were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis?

Did you find reliable information and the right support?

We want people to be able to get what they need when they need it—especially at diagnosis.

Fortunately, resources and information are more accessible and easier to find in today’s world. More than 720,000 people visit each month to learn about MS and the latest advances in MS research. They use it to find information on MS symptoms and treatments, and for tools, resources and wellness strategies to help them live their best lives. And they connect with others affected by MS through our online community at

Whether you or a loved one is newly diagnosed or have lived with MS for many years and need something new, information on these sites is available to support you. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, if you have a complex issue like finances or housing needs or you want to talk to someone, you can connect with a highly trained MS Navigator by online chat, on the Society’s website or at 1-800-344-4867.

You can come in and out of the website as much or as little as you need. We are here! The sooner you plug into these resources, the more information and support you know you have access to. It can be a powerful tool.

Says Kate Tomlinson, the Society’s vice president of digital marketing: “Our website is often the first interaction and sometimes the preferred way for a person affected by MS to connect with the Society. We want that connection to be easy and the information to be valuable. Feedback from site visits helps us continually improve the topics that are covered and the way information is organized. Our goal is to have you leave the site feeling more informed and better equipped to answer the everyday challenges of living with MS.”

The saying is true: Knowledge is power. We want to empower people affected by MS to solve everyday challenges. We want to connect people to information, resources and communities of support so they can be more powerful than the challenges of MS.

What are your thoughts about the website? How do you use it? And how can we make it better?

Cyndi Zagieboylo
President & CEO
National MS Society

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