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Daily strategies for living well with MS.

Randy Huling illustration

Fragments from my brain

Winter 2019–20

Randy J. Huling’s MS gave him even more reason to draw and create.

smart wheelchair

Dream machines

Fall 2019

From ultra-portable wheelchairs to robotic exoskeletons, tomorrow’s high-tech assistive devices are here today.

Doug Roderus

Growing up fast

Fall 2019

Teens with MS face a unique set of challenges.

Woody family

Going the extra mile

Fall 2019

Being the primary support for a person living with MS can be overwhelming. But help is available.

Nicole Bradley-Bernard

Four things I wish someone had told me after my MS diagnosis

Fall 2019

I learned some valuable lessons on the path to my new reality.

photo of a lake

A link to memories long forgotten

Fall 2019

Uncovering what’s been missing

Function and fashion

Summer 2019

Adaptive clothing can look good, too.

Samir Chandiwala

Acing temperature control

Summer 2019

How to cope with heat sensitivity.

Tell me something interesting

Summer 2019

My wife, Carol, was a courageous world traveler.

Understanding through images

Summer 2019

Illustrating life with MS.

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