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Get involved in the MS community.

Miles to go

Summer 2019

Cyclists discover hidden strengths in Bike MS rides.

J.R. Hardenburgh and Nick Bryan-Brown

Into the wind

Summer 2019

Sailors with MS challenge themselves and others.

Nichole Taylor fights MS her way

Spring 2019

A 500-mile walk to give back to the community.

Wendy and husband

The meat of the matter

Spring 2019

What started as a backyard kegger has grown into a major MS fundraiser and bicycle program.

Cheryl HIle

Run the world

Winter 2018-19

Cheryl Hile has completed marathons on every continent while raising money for MS.


Snow buddies

Winter 2018-19

Wisconsin’s annual MS Snowmobile Tour isn’t just a fundraiser. It’s a friend-raiser, too.

Susie M. Collins

A lasting legacy

Fall 2018

“Miss Susie’s” last gift to the National MS Society capped 32 years of dedicated service.

Sheila Timmons

Muddied but unbowed

Summer 2018

MuckFest MS offers laughs and obstacles to raise funds.

Bite club

Summer 2018

An apple orchard is the star of a successful MS fundraiser.


Spring 2018

Couple completes Bike MS rides in all 50 states.

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