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Studies to stop MS, restore function and end MS forever.

Illustration by Roy Scott

A closer look at cognition

Spring 2019

Cognitive function screening can identify problems and help improve treatment for people with MS.

immune cells

New takes on immune activity in MS

Spring 2019

Studies could advance treatment options.


Sleep tight

Winter 2018-19

Researchers try to find ways to help people with MS get a good night’s rest.


A better look

Winter 2018-19

Frederik Barkhof, MD, has advanced the use of MRI to understand MS.

Robert Paskus

Focus on fatigue

Fall 2018

Research studies are targeting the most common MS symptom.


Eating habits

Fall 2018

Scientists are exploring how specific foods and diets affect MS.

Robin Franklin

Beautiful melody

Summer 2018

Robin Franklin, PhD, is pioneering research in myelin repair to reverse damage associated with progressive MS.

Novel ideas

Summer 2018

Pilot projects focus on cutting-edge, innovative MS research.


Bone health

Spring 2018

People with MS are more likely to develop osteoporosis.

Pressing questions illustration

Pressing questions

Spring 2018

People with MS can help guide research studies.

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