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Randy J. Huling helps cope with the challenges of living with MS by drawing. Photo courtesy of Randy J. Huling

Fragments from my brain

My MS gives me even more reason to draw.

by Randy J. Huling
Randy J. Huling

Randy J. Huling, aka Random Ran. Photo courtesy of Randy J. Huling

My name is Randy J. Huling, aka Random Ran. I’m an illustrator/artist/music maker based in Northern California. On Sept. 1, 2016, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I had an MRI done to see why I was losing vision in my right eye. They found lesions all over my brain and then a week later, in my spine.

I have a severe case of demyelination of the nerves. To help me cope, I draw. I’ve always drawn, but getting diagnosed with MS gave me even more reason to draw.

A lot of my illustrations feature frayed nerves exploding through broken skulls with slivers. Or octopus and nautilus fragmenting, exposing the “nerves,” or a severed hand, due to the lack of feeling in my hands and arms. I choose this subject matter because at times this is how my body and head feel.

Painting or drawing helps take my mind off my mind. When I can’t draw, I try to make music. I produced a song about my diagnosis with the help of my friend Overturned Big Rig to help me cope.

Randy J. Huling was diagnosed with MS in 2016.
Winter 2019–20

See more illustrations at randomran.com.

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