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Letters to the editor: Doing our best with MS

All makes sense
As a recently retired caregiver to my wife, Robin, who lives with MS, I want to thank Lindsay Fiorito for her “Making Space for Balance” article (Fall 2023). It was helpful to me to read her words like “resignation,” “acceptance” and “new version of myself.” It all made sense.

James Manning, Massachusetts

Keep pushing the limits
Even though my husband is the one with MS, I have a spinal cord injury, so I am the one who reads Momentum. I wanted to tell you what a bright spot it was in my day reading “Funny girl,” about Julie Gaines (Fall 2023). Her life and attitude are such a wonderful inspiration and encouragement to us as a couple. Although we’re both of retirement age, we still hang onto the pipe dream of starting our own small business. I know it would be a challenge, but Gaines has helped us see how much laughter and meaning it could add to our lives. She is a good reminder that no matter the disability, we need to keep pushing the limits and add activities to our lives that allow the freedom of being around others. And it’s great to see that in operating her business, she’s increasing awareness of MS and helping countless people.

Colleen Janik, Missouri

Doing my best
Thank you for the personal articles about professionals who are living, working and advocating for themselves and those affected by MS (“Seeing MS from both sides,” Fall 2023). I, too, am doing my best daily.

Ebony Sanders, Pennsylvania

Emotional release
I loved the article “How I learned that swearing can be good for the soul” by Elizabeth Jameson (Summer 2023). I have had MS for 42 years but was not diagnosed until 17 years ago. My symptoms were quickly exacerbated when my husband of 44 years admitted to having an affair. I lashed out with the “F” word several times a day and finally filed for divorce. About that time, I read a Facebook post of a relative where she stated, “The ‘F’ word is like verbal Xanax!” Isn’t that the truth! If it weren’t for the emotional release from frequent use of the “F” word and an excellent new partner, I would be in a nursing home, instead of looking forward to cruising through the Panama Canal in a few months.

Pamela Tuke Zeck, Florida