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Letters to the editor: Valuable insights and connections

Valuable insights from both sides
I wanted to thank you for writing “Seeing MS from both sides” (Fall 2023) and publishing the unique perspectives of healthcare professionals with MS. It gave me valuable insights into how they manage their disease in relation to their employers and their patients. I was diagnosed with MS in 2019. I am also a healthcare professional (physical therapist) who works primarily with a neurologic population. I’ve always considered myself a part of the MS community, but this article created a subcommunity treating and dealing with the disease themselves. I agree with the professionals who were interviewed that everybody who deals with this disease is on a unique journey (including us healthcare professionals) and that many people don’t understand the invisible symptoms people with MS have to deal with every day. While I believe I was always sympathetic, holistic and compassionate with my patients, I also believe I have increased these qualities since my diagnosis knowing now what it feels like to struggle with a chronic disease. Thank you again for writing this; it meant a lot to this reader.

Jim Buckley, Pennsylvania

Doing good and having fun
In the Summer 2023 issue, the cover photo and article on transgender people with MS was much appreciated. I am not transgender, but this segment of our society has been maltreated for too long. I greatly value honoring diversity, and your portrayal of this part of our population showed your bravery to take stands on issues that may be sensitive and to honor all people who fall under the umbrella of MS. You reaffirmed my longheld belief in the good that the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is doing to help people and find a cure. I also enjoyed “How I learned that swearing can be good for the soul.” It was fun and well written and gives us all a break from being perfect. I can now laugh at the message about swearing and use it as a tension release in certain situations. My sister, Joany, died of complications of MS in 2003. I continue to honor her memory through 27 years of doing the MS Walk and many years as a volunteer medic at the Waves to Wine bike event.

Linda Cotter, California

A new day
Momentum magazine has truly changed my life. I was diagnosed with MS in 1999, and for so many years, I have denied and was ashamed of having MS, but I have truly come to terms with it. I know now that I have MS, and MS does not have me. It’s encouraging magazines like this and reaching out to various groups that are helping me to cope on a daily basis. When I was diagnosed nobody really talked about MS and there were no support groups or magazines. Today is a new day for me and others who are being victorious with MS.

Sandra White, Florida