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Voices of others
Thank you so much for publishing the “On the rise” story on diagnoses of MS increasing in Latinos and Hispanics in the Winter 2017-18 issue. As a Latino with MS, having representation of my identity presented with care and precision has pleased and comforted me greatly. Since being diagnosed, I have wondered-but admittedly hadn’t sought out-if any study of MS in the Latino community had been made. Please continue to seek out other demographics of people affected by MS, not only in the United States, but internationally. We need to learn from and relate to voices of others that share our diagnosis. Keep up the good work.

Antonio Manriquez, California

MS can’t take our creativity
Great creative outlet, John Roy (“American montage,” Winter 2017-18). MS can deprive us of many things, but not our creativity. Sometimes that is all I have. Since my diagnosis (2005) and leaving my job in 2007, I needed something to do to continue to make a difference in people’s lives and a place to direct my creativity. Since then, I have been watercolor painting (no formal training) and turning the paintings into cards to sell to raise money for MS research and programs. We generally make $13,000 per year that we are able to donate. Very satisfying. Go, John! Your work is inspirational.

Pat Heller, Wisconsin

Bruce is amazing
Thank you for the article about Mr. Tuttle (“My friend Bruce,” Winter 2017-18). Bruce is an amazing man.

Guy Swentek, California

Pesky companion
I just wanted to express my surprise and gratitude at reading the article about Tarita Davenock (“Globe trotting,” Fall 2017). As a plus-sized gal myself, I was so happy to see someone like me represented on the cover of Momentum. Let’s be honest, when it comes to traveling, no one really wants that pesky companion, MS, along for the ride. But, it was so refreshing to read about all the things Tarita has accomplished when it comes to traveling with MS. Thank you!

Kelly Westerdahl, New York

Not alone
Thank you for addressing how some individuals handle the problem of embarrassing symptoms (“No shame,” Fall 2017). I was diagnosed with MS in my 50s. My main concerns are bladder issues and balance, but I walk without assistance. I was encouraged to realize that I am not alone. Thank you for the honesty in this article.

Brenda Fritschen, Texas

Long road to SSDI approval
Your Winter 2017-18 “In the know” section reminded me of when I applied for Social Security Disability Insurance over 20 years ago. The examiner wanted to know if I’d seen a psychiatrist! She had no clue as to what a neurological disease was and had never heard of MS. I don’t know how I did it, but eventually I convinced her that MS was a neurological disease and got approved.

Paul Tarr, Washington

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