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ardra's bagWhat I have in my bag every winter

by Ardra Shephard

While you will almost always find a half-eaten candy cane and some gently used Kleenex floating around my winter bag, these are the essentials I’m always packing for the season.

Cambridge mask. This military-grade respirator may seem extreme, but if I have to fly during the winter or be anywhere that’s likely to have a lot of airborne germs, I make sure this mask comes with me.

Kind bar. I manage my MS with a combination of medication and lifestyle modifications. A fruit bar is a quick pick-me-up when I’m on the go and don’t want to reach for a bag of chips.

Red lipstick. A red lip can feel like a bit of armor. Ruby-Woo by MAC is one of my favorites.

Moisturizer. This lotion from L’Occitane is the perfect combo of healing and hydration. The lavender scent reminds me that springtime is coming.

Pill carrier. Cuter than any prescription pill bottle, I can keep a day’s worth of pills in something that reminds me more of dessert and less of side effects.

Hand sani. It’s cold and flu season, and both can wreak havoc on MS. A travel-sized hand sanitizer is a first line of defense against the pseudo-relapse these infections can cause.

The bag. I wear this belt bag by Free People as a cross-body bag, allowing me to have my hands free to hold on to my rollator or a warm cup of coffee.

Ardra Shephard is a Toronto-based writer whose blog “Tripping On Air” provides an irreverent insider scoop about MS.
Winter 2019–20

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