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The latest news and insights on MS.

Instagram photos

MS doesn’t stop and neither will we

Positive stories from around the community

Connecting online while at home

5 ways to combat boredom when you’re stuck at home

Keeping your distance during the COVID-19 pandemic


Behind the scenes

A look at our latest #ThisIsMS photo shoot

3 most common vision problems in MS and how to cope

Vision problems are often the first symptoms of multiple sclerosis and one of the most… Read More

Jon and Jeanne Strum

Look who’s joined the movement: Jon Strum

Jon Strum started an MS podcast after his wife, Jeanne, was diagnosed.

Moving forward with MS symptoms

You can improve your health by taking simple steps.

Making the team

Managing your MS symptoms takes an entire team of medical professionals.

Living well with MS isn’t a stretch

Physical and mental wellness practices are important.