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Your MS, your body.

Strength in numbers

Fall 2019

New estimates of 1 million people living with MS in the U.S. could increase awareness, treatment and services.

1 million live with MS

Fall 2019

New study doubles the previous estimate in the U.S.

Searching for breakthroughs

Fall 2019

Research fellows have a personal stake in their projects.

Woody family

Going the extra mile

Fall 2019

Being the primary support for a person living with MS can be overwhelming. But help is available.

Barbecue tasting

When the spirits move you

Fall 2019

BourbonHam offers a unique experience while it raises funds for MS.

Nicole Bradley-Bernard

Four things I wish someone had told me after my MS diagnosis

Fall 2019

I learned some valuable lessons on the path to my new reality.

photo of a lake

A link to memories long forgotten

Fall 2019

Uncovering what’s been missing