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Momentum, a 74-page quarterly, is the largest MS-related publication in the world with a circulation of 450,000, and an average issue readership of almost a million. Momentum recipients are comprised of people with MS, physicians, nurses and allied health-care providers, event fundraisers and donors to the National MS Society. Momentum provides articles that inform, engage and motivate readers to Join the Movement. The magazine includes first-person stories, consumer reports and expert opinions from MS specialists. Momentum dedicates itself to providing reliable, comprehensive and timely information on all aspects of multiple sclerosis.

Reader Profile*

  • 84% of our audience is female.
  • 77% of recipients have MS. On average, those with MS are diagnosed 16 years ago.
  • 63% of Momentum’s audience are between 35 – 54.
  • 68% of Momentum readers report reading the last 4 issues.
  • 44% pass their issues to at least one other person, and 26% filed an article for future reference.
  • 36% have taken one action as a result of reading advertising.
  • 72% have taken at least one action as a result of reading articles or columns in the publication.
  • 61% of Momentum readers are interested in MS research and find that the articles meet their needs.
  • Average time spent with each issue = 47 minutes

* Question Pro Research Survey – 2013

Media kit

Download Momentum magazine’s 2017 Rate Card and Media Kit.

Reasons to advertise

Momentum offers access to the most sophisticated, best-informed, most cutting-edge information about multiple sclerosis and offers advertisers a targeted pipeline to reach key decision makers and influencers in the buying market.

  1. Families are insured. People with multiple sclerosis and their families are more likely to be insured and make more than the median income.
  2. Women are the decision makers. Women ages 35-55, those most likely to have MS, are primary financial decision-makers in their households.
  3. Digitally savvy audience. Readers engage in content on a broad cross-format platform. While preference for print remains strong, just over half of readers in a 2012 survey said they preferred to access Momentum content digitally (online, tablet, smartphone).

Advertising Sales

Elisa N. Beerbohm, National Senior Manager – Corporate Relations/Ad Sales National MS Society Broadway Station 900 South Broadway Suite 200 Denver, CO 80209 303-698-6100 x15204 elisa.beerbohm@nmss.org

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