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Letters to the editor: Controlling MS symptoms

Health screenings important
The article “When going gets tough” (Winter 2022–23) had many good points about a delicate subject. But the article could have reminded everyone to be sure to get a colonoscopy on a regular basis. MS presents with such a variety of symptoms that result in constant changes. It makes it easy to forget routine health screenings. My husband had MS for years and that was his only focus. When diarrhea became a problem, he finally had a colonoscopy that revealed a tumor. Five years later he died from cancer, not his MS. So, it’s really important to remember those preventive screenings, as they save lives.

Georgia Hamilton, Michigan

Controlling itching
The photo with reddish-pink splotches that accompanied the article “Feeling itchy?” (Spring 2023) accurately shows how being itchy feels. Kudos for that. However, I disagree with the University of Miami researchers who mentioned that topical creams do not help control itching. My itchiness began a few years ago. These creams have been very effective for me, and it has not ever been necessary to consider acupuncture, mindfulness, meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, certain medications or ice packs. My MS was diagnosed in 1958, so I’ve managed the disease successfully for 65 years. Your entire issue of Momentum provided useful information. Kudos for you all as well!

Judith Kipp Norris

New outlook on exercise
I read the article “MS facts vs. myths” (Spring 2023) and about the myth of avoiding physical activity. I was a victim of that myth. For decades, I avoided strenuous exercise because it would wipe me out. My rising body heat rendered me unable to function. Before my MS, exercise for me only felt worthwhile when I put my all into it. I realize now that exercise must be performed. It seemed a waste to spend hours exercising for one minute, then resting and cooling off for five minutes. I could have achieved 60 minutes of exercise one minute at a time on a regular basis. It would not have been a waste in the long run. I can only hope this might help someone with the same issues.

Ryan Fontenot, Texas