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An African-American experience
As a black woman diagnosed with MS in 1997, I found the article on how MS affects African-Americans (“A fresh perspective,” Spring 2017) a blessing to read. This was the first time I could relate to an article written in Momentum. Great job!

Lisa Fields, California

Struggles hit home
The Fired Up article (“A new identity,” Spring 2017) really hit home with me, as I am in a similar situation, married with three boys and trying to work full-time. I, like Shannon, am so overwhelmed, break down often and struggle to make decisions. It was encouraging to hear the similar struggles of those with MS.

I have resigned from teaching. I don’t know what my future holds, but I know by the grace of God I will find my identity. Right now, I need to enjoy my husband and boys. Thanks for the encouraging article. Please write more about the “hidden” cognitive, anxiety and stress issues that come with MS.

Camille Wanetka, Nebraska

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