Fall 2016

The latest news and insights on MS.


MS classifications revised

Learn how your MS is now classified—and what that might mean for treatment.

Do lifestyle choices affect MS?

There are several lifestyle changes individuals can make to lessen the risk of progression.

Forging new pathways in the brain

Teach your brain new tricks.

Society scholarships help fulfill dreams

Meet one young man whose Society scholarship is changing his world.

FDA approves Zinbryta to treat relapsing forms of MS

A new option for people with relapsing MS.

Invisible symptoms in MS

Remove the cloak of invisibility from your symptoms.

Volunteering changes lives

Volunteers fuel our mission to create a world free of MS.

A yogi with MS

I wouldn’t choose to have MS, but through all of it I have learned so… Read More

Hiking the Pine Barrens for MS

Conquering a wilderness and MS—one step at a time.

Pregnancy and MS

Choosing to have a child.