Spring 2015

Daily strategies for living well with MS.


Drawing strength

In this exclusive Q&A, Meghan Berkheiser, the artist who created the cover illustration for the… Read More

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Readers sound off on diet, winter sports and travel.

MS activists rally support

]Every year, more than 325 MS activists from all over the country gather to celebrate… Read More

Yes, you can regain bladder control

Bladder problems affect most people with MS, but you don’t have to just live with… Read More

Lifestyle coping strategies

In this supplementary story to “Yes, you can regain bladder control,” learn eight tips to… Read More

On point

Some people with MS are finding acupuncture a helpful complementary therapy.

A genetic sleuth: Dr. Philip De Jager

A prize-winning researcher is looking for signs of disease before it develops.

FDA approves new MS therapy

A new therapy for use by people with relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis was approved… Read More

Animal attraction

More than just friends: Dogs and other animals can enrich the lives of people with… Read More

Yoga for MS

Thinking about getting down with downward dog? Here’s what you need to know.