Summer 2016

Daily strategies for living well with MS.


Special guide to relationships

Visit our special relationships section to learn how to reclaim intimacy and strengthen your connections.

Supporting your relationships

At the National MS Society, we are here to help people with whatever they need… Read More

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Readers sound off on poetry, driving with MS, font size and more.

Geared up

Bike MS: Keeping the spirit alive year-round.

Get closer

Communication and creativity can help resolve some intimacy issues.

When MS is the third wheel

Couples living with MS talk about their challenges—and successes.

Reserves of resilience

Strategies for adapting to a new normal.

Float my boat

MS doesn’t have to leave you up a creek.

Motorcycles for MS

What happens when 200 motorcyclists rumble through a small town?

Tastes like cardboard? Could be your MS

An acquired (difference in) taste.