Summer 2018

The latest news and insights on MS.


What does a cure for MS mean to you?

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is relentless in the pursuit of finding a cure—for everyone.

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Readers sound off on their sense of selves, leading productive lives and realistic representation.

Chuck Knight

Thriving in harmony

Music therapy might help ease MS symptoms.

Fire near Lisa Heitkemper's home

Weathering the storm

When disaster strikes, people with MS face unique challenges. Here’s how to find help.

Out-stressing stress

How to identify and manage the tension MS might cause.

Robin Franklin

Beautiful melody

Robin Franklin, PhD, is pioneering research in myelin repair to reverse damage associated with progressive… Read More

Novel ideas

Pilot projects focus on cutting-edge, innovative MS research.

Staying social

Some people with MS may have difficulty interpreting what others are feeling.

Sheila Timmons

Muddied but unbowed

MuckFest MS offers laughs and obstacles to raise funds.

Bite club

An apple orchard is the star of a successful MS fundraiser.