Summer 2020

Daily strategies for living well with MS.


Saying no

It’s a part of life when you have MS, but there are ways to make… Read More

A weekend walk

A challenge and a celebration to raise awareness about MS

MS researcher gets it in gear

Society fellow joins Bike MS team to raise funds for a cure.

MS as a cure for mediocrity

My disease has inspired me to develop a new outlook on life.

Jewelry with a hidden meaning

My MS diagnosis led me to a new calling.

Staying power

The National MS Society is here for you during the COVID-19 crisis.

Illustration showing chat bubbles.


Readers sound off on mobility device nicknames, real facts of MS and seeing themselves in… Read More

Chris Holland

Making life easier in the kitchen

‘Chopped’ winner offers practical tips — and a recipe — for cooking with MS.

directors chair

Directing your life

Wellness coaches can help people with MS get on the right track.


A handle on pain

New approaches mean more people with MS are taking control and getting their lives back.